Lynda PickeringGreat idea. It would open up people’s mind to look closer at what the candidate believes! Instead of putting them in a preconceived box.

Lynda PickeringIt makes me so angry at my Government!!! Sounds like an inside job. Who knew about this & when? The Guantanamo Detainees should never be released. They are Terrorists & should be treated as such.

Lynda PickeringIt’s called Bribery. I think so. Where’s the integrity??? Oh, wait there is none.

He is way off the mark. Harry Reid is ridiculous. Can’t believe anything that he says.

It says the Dems & Pres Obama don’t care about safety of the American Children. They could keep this up and running, but Obama wants to punish Americans while they spread lies about the shutdown. Republicans want to have negotiations but Obama doesn’t. Harry Reid won’t allow a vote. Maybe they are afraid it won’t go their way. Hmmm

I shared this on my Facebook today from the Comical Conservative.  Only one side is at the table, frankly, only one side has the adults in the room.  My caption was “Wow.”  It certainly is NOT comical!

Budget Negotiations

Well, if you don’t like the initiatives they are proposing, limit the way they get on the ballot and ensure your agenda doesn’t get thwarted.

I am embarrassed by how the government has to prop up its own irresponsibility.  At some point, the market will not rally with QE dollars.

It’s a start, but I don’t know how much of one for the EU.  They have so many countries they have to make happy in what they do, it is probably difficult to get them to truly “do” anything strong.

I’m not sure what Liz Cheney brings to the table. But, if she is going to better the Republican party, Go for It.