Angela Van OrmanThe farmers he “claimed to fight for” and the “history he supposedly had with farming” makes his errors all the more humorous, but come on, how many people really know how to spell those words, or in today’s less agrarian society, how many people even know what detasseling corn or baling hay is, let alone, how many have done it?

Dan Quayle was ridiculed and eventually lost a career path in politics because of the misspelling of a word that many people today argue how the plural should be spelled–with or without an “e”.  I am glad the media gave “equal time”, but there are more pressing issues in the world today than incorrect spelling and grammar or even picking basketball brackets.

Mr. Braley, the President thanks for you taking the spotlight off of his failed policies, even if just for a little while.

Angela Van OrmanIt is really hard to know what to do.  I believe the boycott is a start–more teeth to it than playing “Red Rover, Red Rover” with governmental officials.  The boycott touches prestige, and that means a little more to these countries who like “standing” and “status” in these international organizations.  However, if Putin is determined to rebuild the Old Soviet Empire, then hitting them in the pocketbook is more important.  Put our missile defense up, etc.  Reagan and Bush were pretty smart after all :-) .

Angela Van OrmanRussia’s laughing and the world is weeping.

Angela Van OrmanOur foreign policy is basically non-existent and Secretary of State Kerry wants the world to think climate change is the most important issue.  Ask Ukraine or other formerly-Soviet countries.

Angela Van OrmanI still like Marco Rubio and Sarah Palin!

Angela Van OrmanI would call the illicit arms being sent to Gaza a direct violation of the interim agreement, but are we surprised? This makes Israel, and frankly the US, less safe!

Angela Van OrmanIs it any surprise? The Obama Administration does not have a powerful foreign policy.  Putin will take advantage of us completely.

Angela Van OrmanIsrael should not be forced into a solution; America should stay out of the peace-forcing process.  It is fine for Israel and the Palestinians to come to the table of their own accord and have direct negotiations, but it is up to them, not us.

Angela Van OrmanWith the low-information voter and revisionist history comingled with political correctness, Senator Harkin relies on the fact that the few watching his glowing remarks would just accept it.  We need Senators and Representatives going to the floor to combat every one of the false premises being spread (and routinely accepted) by the Left.

Angela Van OrmanOn SOOO many levels the “Affordable Care” Act is proving to be UN-affordable.