Kathy HildebrandIt says he is electable.  It also says he is palatable, perhaps even one of the top selections on the menu, to Democrats.  The question is why.  Yes, I want to win.  I like winning.  Not so sure how I feel about his saying we’ll just have to “agree to disagree” on the social issues.  So the GOP is FOR or AGAINST gay marriage in the U.S.A.  Or is it we just all agree to not care?

Kathy HildebrandI don’t know what to say.  It’s just absurd.  And I don’t do absurd.

Kathy HildebrandThe question isn’t “What do you say?”  The question is “Exactly what did THEY (he) say?!?”

Kathy HildebrandMy thought is to keep plugging along doing the right thing and offering a message of life and hope.  I’ll let them deal with their own consciences.  I can’t imagine that they honestly believe that promoting the killing of innocent life is a noble and lofty calling.

Kathy HildebrandRubio tells the truth.  And the truth used to be relevant and important to people.

Kathy HildebrandI’m thinking the President might want to check out this cool concept in the Constitution called “freedom of the press.”

Kathy HildebrandOne day, in the end, the Truth will matter.  And every knee will bow to the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Until then, we will see all manner of distortions of the truth on every hand. A college friend of mine named Alec mentioned on Facebook today that he’d read this textbook excerpt and he added:
“I wish I could say I haven’t had any experience like this in college. Unfortunately, I have. I had an American History class that was practically a course in how capitalism/conservatism has destroyed America since the 1700′s and why Socialism/Communism is the far better answer. Book was written by an author who was kicked out of his school for extremist communist views.  Assignments were opinion based responses to the readings and our thoughts about them. I consistently received failing grades for disagreeing with the text and defending my own conservative ideals.”
And then, one by one, his Christian colleagues, also in college, posted similar comments of their experiences.  I’m so sorry it has come to this in America.  But I’m so proud of these kids!

Kathy HildebrandWe couldn’t afford a meeting of the Flat Earth Society a few years back when they were predicting a coming Ice Age either.  They’re the “flat earthers’ as far as I’m concerned, always worried about falling off one edge or the other.

Kathy HildebrandI’m not sure I understand why more women/people will run just because they are free to stay unattached to a set of principles known as a platform.  Why?

Kathy HildebrandEconomic freedom is all about a FREE market, where the MARKET itself determines the value of products, money, and labor. But this President is all about the power of manipulation; free markets are a foreign concept to his worldview.