Now Texas has to prepare for definitive changes – let’s see who the running candidates will be…

I say follow thru until further notice – continued vigilance should be held relevant to Eygpt’s present day situation – typically, such a held up amount to be transferred brings about negotiation considerations.

Gov Quinn’s recommendation is somewhat ridiculous given the state of affairs.

Not just a quote but the reference to our Independence document & Founding Fathers’ John Hancocks – thank goodness!!!!!
Many July 4th’s within beautiful travel resort stay times thru out Upstate NY mountainous regions.

Even at the medium sized company firms w/over 50 employees, at times it is very difficult to cover all required $ health issues – mandatory health insurance coverage=hmo design is yet expensive, given that overall company steady $ profit & dividends are present day economically starved - many companies & their employees have found a contract situation with higher $ per hour salary much more amenable to their $ budgetary issues – the contractors prefer to have the higher $ per hour or full $ contract per week, month, per quarter, per year with purchasing personally sought lower individual/family insurance coverage as in mentioned above HMO’s – given reached mandatory year, companies will have to negotiate or renegotiate their internal mandatory employee health insurance benefits coverage until a satisfactory equation has been agreed upon.

Kudos to NC re: long term unemployment benefits – typically the governmental/regional/local unemployment offices have immediate short term job training & job open contacts – three returns w/i a short timing re: non-employment document follow thru is policed - this is an ideal approach to expedite & facilitate for a number of immediate $ employment contracts to cover $ living costs w/assisted blue to green medical health insurance coverage.

There are times in one’s life when responding to given situations, whether right or wrong – and whether in openess or hiddenness – as in curse words usage – certain terms within the world language socio-linguistic category, establishing identification for the low socio-economic-status end class ethnic groupings.

This is my second and third commentary re: abortion – abortion is indeed a decision based upon scientific medical MD & female agreement - first off, the majority of USA’s religious societal segment deems abortion as a crime committed - re: there is medical documentation in the various ways the six month fetus timing abortion takes place – all forms are heinous in proposed death – medical research has established that a six month fetus can certainly survive on its own – and any time after six months, the fetus would certain have a higher chance of survival, bringing after that timing, another drastic abortion staging.

Here we go again… apparently, another costly economic market trend within financial approaches is being presented - the heavens save us from another economic downtrend based upon internal & external manipulative happenings - this represented issue would indeed affect the recent overall DJ’s1500 plus levelings being continued - refer to recent few days of DJ’s economic ups & downs & current USA/worldwide issues it almost seems incredulous to the point of being a bit irrational and questionable that the Fed’s would pull a future bond purchase stoppage - wherein we have some control over the bond backing market & interest rate & repay - there must be some speaking to alter drastic recommendations as such - the only economic alternative to $ recoup & economic market balance would be a varied analysis for return – Fed’s pulling out of low to high yield bond market & $’s being immediately economically replaced into solid development areas – reminder of required USA $ trillions replacement – sad to say that many of us who hold business degrees with concreted economic coursework analysis remain playing a guessing game…

Proof of citizenship should remain a mandatory requirement for all governmental plus issues.