At President Obama’s press conference on Monday, his demeanor was arrogant and offensive. It looked like a controlled temper tantrum.  He believes that his reelection proves that the people agree with the direction he is taking this country.  His no negotiations position on raising the debt ceiling should concern everyone.  In addition, with his comments on believing that he can use his executive powers to enact some gun control measures without Congressional approval gives us a good look at how he intends to “rule” during his second term.  He does not believe we have a spending problem, does not seem to care that our  fiscal irresponsibility will cause our credit standing to be downgraded, and does not believe that Congress will do anything to challenge him on anything he does.  What seems to be apparent is that no matter what Congress does, whether they approve raising the debt ceiling or not, they will be blamed for every fiscal problem that arises for the next four years.  As an obvious narcissist, he truly believes that nothing is his fault and he is doing a wonderful job as president.  He commented that he is a friendly guy and likes a good party.  I am afraid the party is over.

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