Which presidential candidate do you think faces greater prejudice, if any? Is this poll an accurate snapshot of the South?

Prejudice in the typical sense will not play a great role in this election as middle to lower-income voters will focus on one issue this election: the economy. For the region to simply be understood in a single poll is presumptuous as even areas in certain states vary so greatly. In other parts of the country, similar patterns have emerged indicating a candidate’s background will play a larger role in voters' decision than one’s race.

In a poll conducted by the Palladian View in conjunction with the National Federation of Republican Women, results showed that voters strongly identified with Governor Mitt Romney in the Mid-Atlantic, a region often considered part of the South. The poll conducted by Reuters suggests that Governor Romney like President Obama will face prejudices in the South especially amongst “middle- to lower-income whites across the Bible Belt,” and, some claim to Obama’s advantage, the Democrats will be able to play into this bias by talking about the millions Romney earned at Bain.

While some opine that the weakness in Romney is he has not vocalized his convictions on the social issues that Southern voters align themselves with, he has a strong plan to bring our economy back and Southerners from Virginia to Texas will be driven to the polls with the prejudice that President Obama’s vision for economic recovery is NOT one they share.

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